N-1 Soviet Moon Rocket, Modellers Image Reference

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This product is a collection of rendered images of the N1 Moon rockets, in very high detail, intended as a modeller's reference. They are perspective free (orthographic) and will serve as perfect backgrounds in digital modelling packages.

Subtle edge effects have been applied to help bring out details (see full size sample image links below).

The complete rocket is shown in renders 8000 pixels across, both with and without elements that are removed before launch.

Individual stages are shown separately in renders that are 4000x4000 pixels in size, with the fairings on, off, and separated.

There are also some extra renders, to cover the changed design of the roll control jets on the 7L, and the telemetry connection block / levelling system seen on the base of the N1-3L in the factory.

The source data was from Alexander Schliadinsky, and in many cases was taken directly from actual hardware. Alex personally visited the crash sites, and Baikonur relics in the early nineties, and has access to Russian state museums. For example the measurements of the L3 fairings, and panel positions were taken directly from a large scale production mock-up stored at the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Sample full size image of the whole rocket:

Sample full size image of a rocket stage:

Images are not protected with DRM, but there is a small transparent watermark bottom left of each image, as a reminder.

Please note, the model used for the renders is NOT included in this product.

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Over 500 detailed, large, perspective free reference renders of the N-1 Rocket, all flown variants.

High resolution images
Whole Rocket 8k pixels
Separate elements
Each stage of each variant seperately rendered
Whole rocket views from many angles
45 degree rotation views
Many, many renders
400+ images
Highly accurate
Based on relic and museum measurements
Reference grid
Each variant has a view with a 2 metre grid overlaid
Grid fin motion clearely shown
Seperate views to show this clearly
All four flown variants covered in detail
N1-3L , N1-5L , N1-6L , N1-7L
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N-1 Soviet Moon Rocket, Modellers Image Reference

21 ratings
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