Spacecraft Reference Photos

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This is a collection of 300+ museum photos of spacecraft, intended as a reference for the Spacecraft Modeller or Astronomical Artist.

Major Items covered are:
Black Arrow Rocket. (London science museum)
Blue Streak Rocket. (UK Space Centre)
LK Moon Lander. (London science museum)
Lunokhod. (London science museum)
Skylark Rocket. (UK Space Centre)
Soyuz 7K-0K. (UK Space Centre)

Items less thoroughly covered:

Scout Rocket, Russian / Soviet space suits, Sputnik 3 official model, Venera Official Model / Parachute, Laika, Gemini Tow Test, Vostok 6, Vostok 1 Official Model, Beagle Mars Lander, Huygens Titan Lander, Tim Peake's Soyuz Descent Module.

The Soviet items from the London Science Museum were photographed during the "Cosmonauts" exhibition, when they were on loan.

Essential for the spacecraft modeler, of space artist, and fascinating to anyone with an interest of Space Exploration.

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Spacecraft Reference Photos

5 ratings
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